Executive Coaching:  Organisational Role Analysis 

Individual coaching for managers is an increasingly popular choice of leadership and management development. This is partly due to the limitations of generic leadership and management programs, and partly because tailored personal development is becoming essential for modern managers. But generic programs take a broad-brush approach, applying general principles and methodologies to various organisational settings.

Executive Coaching’s one-to-one approach provides in-depth exploration in a safe and confidential environment. The methodology of Organisational Role Analysis (ORA) enables managers to explore both the issues impacting on their specific organisation and their own personal contribution.

The leader’s patterns of behaviour, belief system, history, and approach all impact their role as managers. Examining these provides an opportunity for reflection in a collaborative partnership. It enhances their capacity to develop creative solutions to challenging organisational issues.

Organisational Role Analysis (ORA) is a form of in-depth coaching that draws on a range of disciplines, including: 

This approach can also be adapted to group settings, or to address specific issues within an organisation. It might support other management development approaches or be used on its own as a professional development tool.

When & Where
ORAs sessions can be held at the organisation or off-site at the consultant’s office. The sessions vary in length and duration, according to the needs of participants and/or client’s organisation.

About the Consultant
Ana da Silva is a highly qualified and experienced organisation development consultant. She has a Masters in Organisation Dynamics, and postgraduate qualification in Action Learning as well as a Diploma in Psychotherapy. Ana has over 25 years experience in organisational life in a variety of roles.  Nonetheless, it is Ana’s enjoyment of working with managers, thinking about the real issues rather than theoretical dilemmas, that make her an effective executive coach.