Systems psychodynamics - what is it?
It combines insights from open systems theory, group relations and psychoanalysis. What I have discovered through application of systems psychodynamics (or systems thinking) in my consulting practice is that this style of work helps managers find creative solutions to practical problems. This leads to lasting change in both the organisation and the individual. Breakdowns in communication are rarely the result of individual personalities, but merely a symptom of the root cause (e.g. lack of effective communication between certain departments). Often this cause can be fixed by better systems, designed with people’s input and ownership.   

Followship – what is it and why should we incorporate it?
Followship is about remembering that effective leadership cannot take place without followers listening and taking part. Clarifying leader and follower expectations can be a powerful way of reducing friction between them and enhancing team dynamics. Current emphasis on building leadership capability tends to ignore the role that followers play and their responsibilities in the ‘leader-follower contract’. Redressing the balance is more effective as it reduces the onerous demands on leaders to achieve perfection! Organisations are enhanced by building followship capacity.

Action learning/Action research
Action learning is a process which applies adult learning principles to working with organisational issues. Action learning principles use real life situations and a collaborative approach that uses the participants own experience as well as questioning and reflection techniques to explore the presenting issues. This leads to increased collaboration, identification and resolution of systemic issues as well as personal, often profound learning for participants.

Traditional teaching/training methodology, applied in a classroom environment. Most commonly used for technical as well as procedural learning. Although it can use adult learning principles, this is less effective in ensuring long-term learning outcomes.