‘Thinking Culture’ means to think about the culture of your organisation, to encourage people to think in the big picture, and to refocus on the enterprise’s primary task. 
  • Is your company very busy with activity, but getting little achieved?

  • Perhaps your managers are in conflict or simply not making headway with followers?

  • Or a merger or other major change needs to be effectively managed, so the seams don’t come undone …

All these problems can be addressed within a Thinking Culture consultation. Principal Consultant, Ana da Silva, undertakes practical strategies that achieve long-term results. These are designed for busy, under pressure organisations.

Ana’s uniqueness lies not only in her
systems psychodynamics and group relations knowledge, but also in her ability to explain it all in ‘real world’ terms.
Change management aids your organisation in selecting the right values and behaviours congruent with its overall business strategy.
Culture alignment will ensure that all aspects of your organisation’s ‘people’ strategies are reflected in a cohesive, effective culture… one which supports the organisational strategy. 
Conflict management uses a 'systems thinking' approach, which reduces the time and stress usually associated with managing conflict.
Leadership development will use a range of workshops and strategies to increase manager capability and team effectiveness, to give all people concerned more clarity, better productivity and more robustness.